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Don't be afraid to share the love of God and the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus.
Have confidence that God's love for you is unending, unyielding, and immovable.
As believers we never stop living by faith. My eldest son is my child of promise.
God is intimately and intricately involved in our daily lives. He'll be there to give you hope, peace, deliverance - whatever you need in that moment.
We can be confident in the covenant God has made with us when we fully understand it.
God has assigned His angels to watchfully guard and protect us. Disaster and destruction can break out all around, yet in the midst of that, we are hidden away
Psalm 91 is our covenant of protection from almighty God; it is both irrevocable and unbreakable.
Encourage yourself, and others, in His word. Live victoriously through Christ Jesus and rest in the peace of God.
Sometimes it is hard to gain traction and move forward. A simple redirection can get us going.