Divine Blogs

Get Unstuck

Joneen M. Horton
Sometimes it is hard to gain traction and move forward. A simple redirection can get us going.

Are you stuck in the same place trying to move forward in life but not gaining traction?  Recently, I realized that my thoughts were far out of line with what God's Word says.  I was spending a lot of time worrying, worrying about money, my children, our future, etc.  Matthew 6:31-34 explains to us that we are not to spend our time worrying, but to seek God and His kingdom.  

Worrying paralyzed me with fear; I was literally stuck.  I wasn't moving forward in what God has for me, I was like a plane circling the runway - in a holding pattern.  You know what happens to a plane that stays in a holding pattern?  It eventually runs out of gas and crashes.  

So, what did I do?  I refocused on the Truth by immersing myself in His Word and presence.  I increased my time spent reading and studying the Word.  I began watching more DVD's and online teachings.  I pray more than before...  

We all face moments of being stuck, being in a holding pattern – there is a way out.  Get in His presence and keep moving forward! 



 Edify: To teach in such a way as to improve the mind or character


Equip: To prepare for a particular activity or problem


Encourage: To make someone more determined, hopeful, or confident