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Surviving Unemployment III

Positivity is contagious. Positivity attracts positive circumstances. Reality is what you create. God gave us all the ability to create, change or rearrange our environments. Speak only those things you really want to happen.

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Surviving Unemployment II

Part 2 of the Surviving Unemployment series provides more practical tips during this period of transition.

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Surviving Unemployment I

Trust God. This sounds so cliche and I know you are probably rolling your eyes at turbo speed. However, it is very important. Recognize that God was, is and always will be your one and only source.

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Divine Image Academy

Divine Image Academy

Journey to Restoration

Our Founder - Joneen Horton

Hi, I'm Joneen, a woman of God trying to walk out my calling and encourage others along the way - although living under my bed seems like a reasonable response to life on some days.

I'm an Author and Abortion Recovery Advocate...

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