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Surviving Unemployment II

By Latoya M. Williams
Part 2 of the Surviving Unemployment series provides more practical tips during this period of transition.

I hope that my first two points have encouraged you during your time of financial uncertainty. Let’s continue with the next two…

3. Barter is Smarter

Often times we pray for a job, more money, etc. but we forget the methods that were used by the merchants of old.  They bartered! Bartering is the exchange of goods or services for another good or service. This is how I kept my hair from looking a mess, during my “unemployment vacation”.  In exchange for providing my tutoring services to my hairstylist’s son, she maintained my hair on a weekly basis. This worked out very well; it eliminated an expense and relieved a major headache. I even baby sat for a good friend who in turn provided me with a few meals. Take a moment and look at those relationships God has placed in your life. Ask Him, how you can begin to implement a bartering system? What expenses can you eliminate?


4.  Give Back

Okay you may say, how in the world can I give, and I am unemployed? Let’s see: T-I-M-E, give of your time and energy, volunteer!    There is something about volunteering that allows you to put your own circumstances into perspective. You begin to realize that things aren’t that bad.  It is fulfilling to see someone cheer up because of a kindness you provided to them. Volunteering may allow you to form certain relationships you never thought were possible. During my “vacation”, I volunteered several days a week with various organizations. It was during this time I identified many areas of ungratefulness in my life.  I realized that I was indeed blessed, and many would love to trade their lives with mine.  Also, I found a great mentor, someone I had admired for a long time, something I never thought was possible.