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The difference between a dream board and a vision board is that a dream board depicts your plans and desires, while a vision board depicts the plans and desires God has for you.
Part 2 of Write the Vison
Part 3 of the Write the Vision series of blog posts.
Let me encourage you today, to place your hope in God and you will not be disappointed.
Live life to the fullest when you BELIEVE!
I believe the greatest lesson in forgiveness is learning to forgive you. Follow the example of God, He has already forgiven you, learn to forgive yourself.
In order for me to live and fulfill the plans God had for my life, I had to let the hurts go. Forgiveness was not only an option, but it was also a necessity.
Freedom on a Budget? Can that really happen? Real freedom comes with the responsibility of self-control.
Positivity is contagious. Positivity attracts positive circumstances. Reality is what you create. God gave us all the ability to create, change or rearrange our environments. Speak only those things you really want to happen.
Part 2 of the Surviving Unemployment series provides more practical tips during this period of transition.