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Never compare yourself with another person. Each of you has something that makes you special.
Do not be afraid to step out on faith and try something new. Once you discover your strengths, perfect those gifts.
The most important step is you must realize that God approves of you.
How often have you heard this statement; "JUST BE YOURSELF"? The unfortunate reality is you can't be yourself, until you know yourself.
Behind the scenes we are busy, enjoy the fresh look as we continue to edify, equip and encourage you to live and dominate as a Divine Image!
The last two months have been very trying times for me. I didn't want to write. I didn't want to work on my books.
As you grow in relationship with God and better understand who you are in Him, He will direct you on how to witness to everyone you meet.
Don't be afraid to share the love of God and the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus.
Have confidence that God's love for you is unending, unyielding, and immovable.
As believers we never stop living by faith. My eldest son is my child of promise.