Katrina M. Post
September 27, 2011
On May 24th the gas was turned off in my new apartment, due to an nonpayment on an old bill from my former address.

While I was attending a class (Financial Peace University) the Pastor asked for prayer requests. With some shame, I asked for them to pray for an increase in my finances.

Then "something" hit me! I got an unction...so I restated the prayer request with boldness. "I am praying for an increase in my finances because my gas was cut off on last Tuesday."

At the end of the prayer one of the ladies in the gave me $20.

I left the building rejoicing, thanking God for the blade!

I walked outside to my car and another woman in the class flagged me down. She asked how much did I need to get service restored. I told her $711.00. She said "We are (she and her husband) going the try to help you". She stated they set money aside monthly to sow and the wanted to sow into me.That's when the tears started! We pulled oureselves together and we exchanged numbers.

She called me later that night and said " We will pay the whole bill for you". She was a complete stranger. She didn't know my name. She had to ask me for it when she wrote the check!

The total bill was $731.06. So all I had to add was .06 cents to pay my debt in full.

He is doing Exceeding Abundantly Above, In Jesus Name!!!!
Shawn H. Post
September 20, 2011
I'll be brief. I took an entry level job at the airport working on the ramp for Delta. I left my job in Atlanta paying more than twice as much. This was a big leap of faith for my wife and I, but we knew we are supposed to be here in Jacksonville and had peace about taking the job. Fast forward 3 months. I received a promotion today. As I look at the internal job posting, it says you have to have 6 months of employment to be considered for the job. This looks like "rules, policies, regulations, & laws changed/reversed on my behalf."

One of the managers said, "You set a record. No one has ever gone from new hire to part of the management team in 3 months." My mom said they don't know God.

I pray this testimony encourages someone...
Vicki L. Post
June 30, 2011
What do you have in your hand? I was looking at my workplace and thinking that it was not what I envisioned it to be. Feeling frustrated, discouraged and just mad, I found a new place. I had a dream that my Pastor said; "everything's going to be all right." But then, I got a message from my new place saying that the position was no loner available. God, what is going on??!! He reminded me of an incident in my previous marriage, where I moved into a house that was raggedy (to say the least). He said "Do what you know to do." I said; "I don't know what to do." And He replied "what's that you got in your hand? Make this house a home." And I believe I had confirmation when someone said to me "you're looking at this place for more than what it's supposed to be." So, instead of trying to run away from my workplace I decided to "do what I know to do." This is a place of provision and once I stopped trying to run, His provision was seen and now I have a growing, flourishing clientele. All to His Glory!
Joneen H. Post
June 30, 2011
In the midst of our move to Jacksonville we have had to save money and so a car repair was not a part of the plan. The original work was quoted at $1100. But God had already made provision for us! We ended up paying a $100 warranty deductible, having the use of a rental car for the repair period (which they previously said was not possible) and they returned the car washed & vacuumed! God is faithful to provide!
Joneen H. Post
June 17, 2011
9 months to the day after our church satellite location closed, my husband and I graduated from ministry school. We planned to move to Jacksonville where are church is located in June, but with no jobs, housing etc. we were going to postpone the move, but then God. June 6th my husband went on an interview, was offered the job and is now in Jacksonville working. He is looking for our home and I know that just as God has done before - He has already prepared the place for us! God always provides for His children! - Joneen
Dawn R. Post
August 15, 2010
Redeemed from Destruction
During my law school days, I lived in a city about 1.5 hours away from my church. This particular day, my birthday in fact, was the beginning of our annual faith convention. Like other conventions, I had determined to go and wouldn’t be deterred by what I considered “weakness of the flesh”, i.e. sleepiness.
So after finishing my classes, I jumped in my car to prepare for my journey. As always, my first order of business was (and still is) to pray over my travels, plead the Blood of Jesus over my life, and thank God for my covenants of peace and protection. That being in place, I started off on my trip. I became drowsier as the trip went on, even catching myself dozing off briefly.
The final time I did this, I opened my eyes to see my car swerving into the other lane of oncoming traffic. My “knee jerk” reaction was to swerve my car back over on my side of the road, but because I did it with such force, I ended up losing control of the car, altogether. It then spun uncontrollably back across the lane of oncoming traffic (miraculously, without hitting anyone), eventually flipping over an embankment and rolling through trees and brush finally to land upside down. During those preceding moments, I saw my life flash before my eyes. My mind was in shock, but my spirit was alive! I began to shout, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. I never lost consciousness and once the car finally landed, my survival instincts kicked in.
Because the car was upside down, the doors were entrenched in the ground and stuck. I was thinking of escaping by breaking a window, but the Lord, in His goodness, had people at my car before I knew it! They safely removed me from the car and carried me up the embankment, careful to be gentle, given the severity of the accident and possible injuries.
Shortly thereafter, the ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital. The whole time the medics were helping me, I was praying in the spirit and declaring that none of my bones shall be broken and other scriptures that came up in my heart. I never stopped declaring the Word.
Long story short: after arriving at the hospital and being checked, I had NO injuries (save a minor bruise from my seatbelt strap) and was released! People who had only heard (not even seen) the accident had called the hospital to inquire about the patient because they suspected the worse. They found out differently though.
As a final note, my father and sister were killed in a tragic car accident several years before that, and I’m convinced that Satan was trying to repeat this tragedy in my family. The difference this time, however, was that I was now a born-again, spirit-filled, covenant minded and well-taught believer in Christ. He attacked me as I was on my way to the house of the Lord (bad move) and ran straight into the power of the Word, the Blood, the ministering angels and God’s faithfulness and love. And so here I am, all these years later, still enforcing his defeat—and God’s greatness--with this testimony of divine protection. To God be the glory!!

Joneen H. Post
August 4, 2010
Just a quick, and funny, testimony of God's protection.
I'm standing on the porch spraying down with bug spray, my husband had just warned me that the spray makes the floor slippery. In in an instant I am on my butt one foot in the air! I laugh, all the while thanking God for His angels. It was at least a three foot drop to the floor and I felt like someone gently set me down. You may think that was just luck...I know it was His protection even in the simple mishaps.
Joneen H. Post
July 27, 2010
In our first home, we had an alarm system after several months we received a letter stating the system was not registered with the local police department; if an alarm call went out they may not respond. It unnerved me because my husband frequently worked late or overnight and I did not like thinking the alarm would sound and no one would come. That night I dreamed that there was this light in my hallway outside of my bedroom and in the dream I heard "My peace do I give to you." I looked out of the window and surrounding my house in a circle were these beings (like white vapors)ant they were over 30 feet tall, standing shoulder to shoulder with these huge swords drawn and the were all leaning forward ready to swing the swords! I woke up with inexplicable peace and I knew there was no way I would be harmed or my home violated. I actually forgot about the letter and never registered the system. Weeks later, my alarm sounded and the company called to verify we were okay. 15 minutes later the police showed up at our door saying; "we had an alarm call..." Not only did I have the assurance of a dream, but then the assurance of if you call they will come. That was in 2000 and I have been studying and praying Psalm 91 over my life and my family every day since. God truly does protect us and He assured me that His angels do have charge over me always.

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