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Journey to Restoration: Healing for the Post-Abortive Woman

Journey to Restoration: Healing for the Post-Abortive Woman

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Edify: To teach in a way that improves the mind or character.

Equip: To prepare for a particular problem or activity.

Encourage: To make someone more determined, hopeful or confident.


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Someone is Waiting On You
Have you ever been told that God has a plan for your life? You were specially handpicked to do a particular work? Someone somewhere is waiting on you. They are waiting for you to step out and begin to work toward the vision God placed inside of you. Believe it or not you have an audience. (11/6/2017)

Learning to Like Yourself IV
There will always be someone that is smarter, looks better or have some other characteristic better than you. If you are constantly comparing yourself with other people, you are unable to discover your unique talents and gifts. (11/1/2017)

Learning to Like Yourself III
Many of us spend too much time focused on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. As a young child, I wanted to be an athlete; I soon realized that it was not something I was created to do. (10/31/2017)

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