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Hearing from God
March 29, 2017By Joneen Horton

Our success depends on spending time in the presence of God. Prayer (communication) with our Father is one way we spend time in His presence. Prayer is a dialogue. We speak-God listens, He speaks we-listen, it's hearing God's instructions, reproof, correction...that enables us to live a successful life. Here are a few keys for better understanding.

How do I hear from God?

1. Be expectant

Acts 3:5; Isaiah 30:21

2. Practice the presence of God so you will know His voice

Pray without ceasing, pray in the Spirit, be quiet,

John 10:27,1Thessalonians 5:17; Romans 8:26-27, Psalm 46:10, 1King 19:12

3. Balance and confirm what you heard with the teaching of scriptures you have received

2Timothy 3:14-17

4. Wait for the peace of God

Colossians 3:15

5. If you doubt you've heard, then don't act on it until you're sure

Romans 14:23, what is not of faith is sin

6. Seek Godly counsel

Proverbs 24:6

7. Boldly obey

Matthew 14:27-29

5 keys to know that I have heard from God

1. When God speaks, it goes against the reasoning and rationalizations of this world

Isaiah 55:8-9

2. When God speaks, it requires faith for us to do

Genesis 12: 1-4

3. When God speaks, it requires courage to do

Joshua 1:9

4. When God speaks, it lines up with His written Word

Numbers 23:19

5. When God speaks, you have peace

Colossians 3:15

We all have an assignment as ambassadors for Christ (2Corinthians 5:20) and we cannot represent our God in this earth without hearing from Him what we should be doing. Spend quality time each day, reading, studying, praying, and talking with God. Just as you invest in your relationships with those in your life, even more you should invest time into your relationship with God.

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