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Learning to Like Yourself IV
November 1, 2017By LaToya Williams

The final step in the process of liking yourself is:

 Never compare yourself with other people

Never compare yourself with another person. Unfortunately, there will always be someone that is smarter, looks better or have some other characteristic better than you.  I struggled with this most of my life. It became increasingly worst throughout my college years.  I remember I would spend $100-200 dollars on an outfit and spent hours upon hours preparing for a night on the town with the girls. I left my dorm room feeling as if I was the most beautiful girl in the world.  But, once I reached my destination, I was often disappointed. I always saw someone with a better outfit, a better hairstyle or better shoes than myself. Immediately all of my self confidence was thrown out of the window.  I left the event sad and depressed.  Sometimes, I even cried myself to sleep. Secondly, I am thinking, how in the World, Will I pay this credit card bill? A few years later, I discovered that the people I admired and desired to be like actually admired me. Every one of you are individually unique and special, no two of you are the same. Each of you has something that makes you special. However, if you are constantly comparing yourself with other people, you are unable to discover your unique talents and gifts.

I hope that this blog series has equipped and encouraged you to like yourself.  Please share your thoughts with us!


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