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Loving Like God
March 29, 2017By Joneen Horton

I know that I am fully capable of loving as God, if I let my "wall” down and stop trying to protect my feelings from others. God is my protector, I love as I should and trust Him to watch over my feelings. I have to decide day-by-day, moment-by-moment, situation by situation and person by person to walk in love. Sometimes it’s a challenge – no, many times it is a challenge! Yet each challenge I overcome, makes me stronger and more capable of loving.

Our God is so faithful and loving and He is teaching me to be like Him. Allow Him to do the same for you. It is more liberating to be in His will and allow Him to lead and guide us always. There is a peace greater than anyone can explain when you let God be God in every aspect of your life and being.

Stay strong in your faith, don’t ever give up because God is and He is always with us.

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